At Shakti, we are known for our Apprenticeship program not only due to our expertise in trauma, addictions and issues related to the body, but also because let’s face it, most of us wish we had a community to help us in our coming of age, owning our authentic self. We support women to develop a wide range of skills, crafts, values aligned work and to find their purpose and contributions to the larger community. Since inception 19 years ago we have provided transformation services to thousands of women across the country, via individual and group work with specific support tailored to leaders, change makers and other healers in the field.

Transformational Recovery Program

In Sacramento

The Shakti Rising Transformational Recovery Program is a dynamic, evidence based program for women 15-30 years old that comprehensively addresses co-existing issues such as:

  • depression and low self-esteem
  • substance abuse
  • codependency
  • anxiety
  • disordered eating
  • physical, emotional or sexual trauma
  • and grief or loss

The Apprenticeship is a sisterhood that provides the support and tools for women to tap into their own wisdom, power and resiliency, ultimately reclaiming their whole selves and becoming leaders within their families, social networks, and communities. Women work with an integrated team addressing their mind, body, and spirit through various healing modalities including:

  • whole-person focused education
  • individual and group sessions
  • yoga, dance and expressive movement
  • shamanic journeying
  • meditation
  • nutritional counseling
  • a blend of eastern, western and naturopathic medicine
  • expressive arts therapy
  • energy healing and more…

The recovery house in Sacramento is home to our Live-in Apprentices, and second home to our Live-out Apprentices who enjoy the same services and level of care without living on the property. Our community Apprenticeship provides individualized counseling packages to women of all ages.

Program costs are:
Residential: $1,500 per month includes full room and board including organic, vegetarian meals, organic gardens, healing services, movement, educational courses, counseling, and therapeutic groups.

Non Residential: $600 per month includes all healing services, movement, educational courses, counseling, and therapeutic groups. Seasonal Apprenticeship: $1800 per month. For women who are either not ready or needing a long term program or who are older than 30, we offer a modified program that can be participated on a seasonal commitment.

This is for women who come to live at the Recovery House for a season and fully participate in the Apprenticeship. This is ideal for times of transition, when there is a need for short term intensive healing, deep restoration and soul healing work. Individual Session: $90 per session or $250 for a package of three.

Scholarships, sliding scales, and payment plans are available.


To get started in your recovery and healing journey with Shakti Rising, call us today at 619-501-2746 or contact Angie Hensley. Our first step will to be to share more with you over the phone about our program and schedule an initial assessment.